How Fax2email Works


No fax machine required for receiving faxes.

No contracts, but you have to receive a fax at least once every 90 days

No Software

No training

Key Elements

ave up to R150 per month on telephone line rentals

Have as many fax numbers as you like

No fixed fax lines required, free up ports on your switchboard

Multiple fax numbers per company

Manage your faxes as you would your emails

Save on paper and ink , only print required faxes or pages there of.

No fax line rentals

Target Audience

Received faxes can be forwarded to any number of recipients without time wasted in front of fax machine

Receive your faxes when out of the office, travelling or aboard.

180 day electronic storage of faxes for future retrieval.

Email2Fax – send email attachments to fax machines. A single email can be sent to multiple fax machines simultaneously

Only you can read your faxes


  • Its free
  • No Cost

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