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At Speedinet , we know that fast and reliable connectivity is essential for every business, from the start-up running multiple applications in the cloud to the established corporate needing guaranteed uptime 24/7.

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To meet the needs of a dynamic and constantly evolving commercial environment, we are delighted to introduce you to Business Class Fibre internet…
…The best way to connect your business to the world
…Connectivity that supports the achievement of your business goals and objectives

Like a Business Class seat, Speedinet’s Business Class Fibre is just simply impossible to refuse. Once your business has experienced the prestige and luxury of Business Class Fibre internet, you’ll never look back.

Feature-rich, fast and future-proof, Speedinet Fibre is not only cost-effective, but simply superior to every other business solution on the market. We empower your business with a fully managed, end-to-end fibre connection over an established, high-speed, business class fibre optic network.

Speedinet Fibre is a scalable, reliable and flexible path to convergence for all your business applications.

Seamless transmission from your business to the world, via our core network.

Speedinet  offers superior quality fibre solutions to the South African organisation. Our offerings are uncapped, uncontended and unbeatable. We provide our clients with dynamic high-speed connectivity and substantial bandwidth so their WANs (wide area networks) are efficient and capable. The fibre optic connection speeds start at 4Mb per second and can achieve speeds of up to 10Gb per second, lightning fast in both upload and download and perfect for the modern business.

FTTB has impressive advantages over existing copper-wire internet connections including less speed degradation over distance, improved upload and download speeds, improved performance for high-demand applications and superb connectivity. Fibre connectivity is also scalable so we are able to upgrade any client’s capacity on short notice, whenever they need it. There is no need to install or implement new technology either – it’s swift, seamless and secure.

24/7/365 Support and Monitoring – we ensure consistency of service and pro-active intervention when necessaryAccountability – all fibre services are deployed on infrastructure owned and managed by Speedinet

Adaptable & Scalable – our solutions are tailored to adapt and grow with your requirements

Affordable Convergence – consolidate voice, video and data services across a single, Quality of Service (QoS) enabled network, guaranteeing significant savings without sacrificing service performance or quality

Enabler for Cloud Services – Speedinet Fibre offers the ideal platform to move applications and services to the cloud, giving you the right connection for reliable and high-quality access to these services

Extensive Coverage – the Speedinet fibre footprint is available in  Durban. Our aggressive rollout strategy ensures continued expansion

Focus on Customer Service – our customers are assigned designated account managers to work with you and understand your unique business needs

Guaranteed Service Levels – unmatched reliability backed by optional SLAs guaranteeing up to 100% uptime. Dual route and custom redundant builds are also available

National & International Network – with over 13 national and 2 international PoPs, our next-generation resilient network provides you with the peace of mind that our backbone has been built and maintained to deal with any eventuality, and offer you an ideal platform for the applications and services core to your business

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